An Intro to Simple Discounts

Welcome to Simple Discounts! Simple Discounts allows you to build mix-and-match bundle discounts, volume and quantity break discounts, and time-based discounts. It operates behind the scenes to apply discounts and maintain inventory accuracy—with no front-end store components or changes to themes.

Key features and benefits

  1. Instant discounts with Shopify Functions: Simple Discounts uses Shopify Functions for real-time, dynamic discounting and discount stacking. Discounts apply instantly when products are added to the cart, offering a smooth customer experience.
  2. Automatic inventory updates: Keep your inventory accurate. As discounted products sell, inventory updates automatically, simplifying stock management.
  3. No code or theme edits needed: Simple Discounts operates behind the scenes, without any code or theme modifications. Ideal for headless setups or those wanting to keep their theme clean.
  4. Highly customizable discount types:
    • Mix-and-match bundle discounts: Give customers the flexibility to create their own bundles from one or multiple collections, like building a personalized 6-pack from 24 options or mixing items from different collections for a cumulative discount.
    • Volume / tier /quantity break discounts: Increase your AOV by encouraging larger purchases with tiered pricing that automatically applies as order quantities grow. Set discount eligibility to specific customers (e.g. wholesale) using customer tagging.
    • Time-based discounts: Drive urgency with time-based discounts, great for seasonal or time-sensitive products.
  5. Exclusive customer discounts: Target specific customers with discounts by using customer tagging. This allows for early access promotions, discounts for loyalty, and special pricing for wholesale buyers.

Help docs & videos to get started

Simple Discounts vs. Simple Bundles

Simple Discounts and Simple Bundles provide unique approaches to product promotions, each with its own set of features.

  • Simple Discounts focuses on individual product discounts. As each product is added to the cart, discounts are applied either automatically or through discount codes.
    • Customer Journey: A customer visits several product pages, adds qualifying products to the cart individually, and sees the discount applied as soon as the cart meets the discount requirements at checkout.
    • Shopify Orders Admin: you'll see the discount applied to any qualifying products.
  • Simple Bundles views products as part of a virtual bundle, with a parent product representing a bundle that contains its child products.
    • Customer Journey: A customer goes to the parent product (the bundle) page, adds the parent product to the cart, and at checkout sees the parent product with a collapsed summary of its child products, along with any discount applied.
    • Shopify Orders Admin: you'll see the parent bundle and its child products, along with any discounts applied.

In summary, opt for Simple Discounts for straightforward, product-by-product discounts that offer greater flexibility, or choose Simple Bundles for promotions focused on bundled products and deals targeting a specific set of products.

Example comparison: Discount applied using Simple Discounts app (Left); Bundle deal applied using Simple Bundles app (Right)

Shopify scripts deprecation & custom development

Shopify Scripts and the Script Editor app are available to Shopify Plus merchants only. On August 28, 2025, Shopify Scripts will be removed and will no longer work. If you're using Shopify Scripts, you must migrate your existing Scripts to Shopify Functions before this date.

Shopify Functions is 100x more performant than the Script Editor app. It lets you enhance your store with special features easily, without needing to code. Scripts ensures your store runs smoothly and quickly, even during big sales events. They're integrated through apps like Simple Discounts, which simplify setup and reduce common issues like slowdowns or crashes, making your store more efficient and reliable.

For those using Simple Discounts, it already operates on Shopify Functions, so there's no need for migration concerning discounts previously managed by Shopify Scripts. If you require assistance migrating your existing discounts from Scripts to Functions, our team is here to help with custom development solutions. Contact our team for more details at

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