How to build a quantity break discount

A quantity break is a pricing strategy where the price of a product decreases as the quantity purchased by a customer increases. This approach encourages customers to purchase larger quantities by offering them a discount for doing so.

Here are some examples:

  1. Light Up Your Home with Savings! Buy 2 candles and get 10% off, buy 4 candles get 15% off, or buy 6 candles get 20% off.
  2. The more you shop our skincare line, the more you save. Spend $50 on skincare products and save 5%, spend $100 to save 10%, or spend $150 and save 15%.
  3. Lock in your subscription and enjoy continuous savings. Subscribe for 3 months and get 5% off, subscribe for 6 months and get 10% off, or subscribe for a year and receive a 15% discount.

Setting up a quantity break discount

To build a quanitity break discount, go to the Simple Discounts and click "Create discount". Alternatively, you can go to Shopify > Discounts and click "Create discount". In the Select discount type modal, click on Quantity break discount listed under Simple Discounts.

In the quantity break discount editor, select your discount method and which products you want the discount to be applied to. You'll also need to decide how discounts under "Discount is applied when customer selects from," with the following options

  • Any specified products/variants: Customers can add to cart any of the specified product or variants you selected in the previous step in order for the discount to be applied.
  • Same product only: Customers can only add multiples of the same product to in order for the discount to be applied. If the product has multiple variants, any of the product variants also become eligible for the discount.
  • Same variant only: Customers can only add multiples of the same variant to in order for the discount to be applied.

Next, add you can add up to 10 quantity tiers with a minimum quantity, percent off, and title for each tier. The minimum quantity for each tier indicates the minimum number of items a customer must add to cart before the discount is applied. In the scenario below, the customer must add at least 5 face masks to their cart for the 10% discount to be applied. If they add more, the 10% discount would be applied to those as well. Once they reach 10 items, the next discount tier at 15% off would apply and so on.

How this discount appears to customers

When a customer buys 5 face masks, they get 10% off
When a customer buys 10 face masks, they get 15% off
When a customer buys 20 face masks or more, they get 20% off

If you have any questions or need assistence in setting up your discount, email our support team at

How Eddie Bauer showcases their quantity breaks

Eddie Bauer is great at showing their special offer that lets customers buy more and save more with quantity breaks. Here's how they share this deal on their website:

  1. Mega-menu: There's a "buy more & save" section so customers can easily find all the deals.
  2. Product Grid: Each item shows the discount, like "Buy 2 Save 10%, Buy 3 Save 20%, Buy 4+ Save 30%."
  3. Product Description Page: Customers see the same discount, "Buy 2 Save 10%, Buy 3 Save 20%, Buy 4+ Save 30%," as they saw in the product grid.
  4. Checkout Product List: It shows the discount code on items that qualify and how much you save, for example, "Buy 2 Save 10%, Buy 3 Save 20%, Buy 4+ Save 30%."
  5. Checkout Order Summary: The discount "Buy 3 Save 20%" is applied in the order summary.
  6. Checkout Dollars Saved: Customers can see how much they've saved right before they click "Checkout Now."

The components described for showcasing quantity breaks on Eddie Bauer's website are effective for conversion for several reasons:

  • Clarity and simplicity: Discounts are easy to understand (e.g., "Buy 2 Save 10%"), helping customers make quick decisions.
  • Visibility across the buying journey: Discount info is shown everywhere on the site, reminding customers about savings at every step.
  • Encouragement of bulk purchases: The more you buy, the more you save. This pushes customers to buy more items to get bigger discounts.
  • Immediate feedback on savings: Shows how much you've saved right before paying, making it clear you're getting a good deal.
  • Ease of use: Easy to find and understand deals without extra effort in applying discount codes.

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