How to build a mix and match bundle discount

Once you've installed Simple Discounts, you can create a mix-and-match bundle discount directly from your Shopify Discounts tab.

Step 1

Go to Discounts on your Shopify Admin > Click Create discount > Click Mix-and-match bundle discount

Step 2

On the mix-and-match bundle discount editor, add your discount title, quantity and collections, discount percentage, and other discount details. Then click Save discount.

Step 3

Test your discount by adding eligible products to your cart from your online storefront. The discount will be added either automatically or by using a discount code based on your selection in your editor. Your customer can see the discount applied in their cart and you can see the discount applied in your orders.

An automatic discount applied at checkout
Shopify Admin Orders: discount is added to each eligible product

How Burton shows off their mix-and-match deal

Burton excels at promoting their unique offer that allows customers to combine various items for savings. Below is how they communicate this deal on their website:

  1. Page Banner: Appears on every page, creating urgency with "Final Hours to Save" and clearly stating the discount's applicability: "When you Buy 3 or More Select Boards, Boots, Bindings, & More." It also includes a clear call to action, "SHOP NOW," directing customers to a collection of all eligible items for the mix-and-match discount.
  2. Homepage Hero Banner: Displays the discount value along with an enticing message for customers to "Complete your perfect setup." It also features a countdown to urge immediacy.
  3. Collections Page: Lists all items eligible for the discount, eliminating the need for customers to search for qualifying items. Customers also have the option to further refine these items to tailor their ultimate snowboard setup.
  4. Product Badge: Items eligible for the discount display a "BUNDLE & SAVE" badge on the product image within the collections page, indicating their inclusion in the promotion even when not viewed on the promotional collections page.
  5. Product Grid: Each item presents the discount description, "Buy 2 or More Hardgoods, Get 30% off. Now through 2/22."
  6. Product Description Page: Customers see the same discount description, "Buy 2 or More Hardgoods, Get 30% off. Now through 2/22," as observed on the product grid.
  7. Checkout: Displays the discount code applied to qualifying items and the savings amount, e.g., "Buy 2 or More Hardgoods, Get 30% off. Now through 2/22. (C$ -174.00)."

These promotional elements ensure that customers are fully aware of the mix-and-match discount promotion, understand the promotion's details, and recognize which products qualify.

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