Managing batch expiry

Easily manage what happens to your batch inventory before they reach their expiry date.

You can easily manage what happens to the batch inventory before they expire why setting your preferences in the Preferences section of the Freshly app. To do so, click on the Preferences tab in the main navigation bar.

Once you are on the preferences page, check the Remove batch quantity under Batch expiry. Here, you can input how many days before the batch expiry you want to remove the batch from your active inventory. E.g. if you would like to remove it on the day of your expiry date, input 0 into the input box. If you would like to expire the batch 1 month before expiry, input 30 into the input box. Only positive integers are valid in this field.

Once your inventory batches are marked as expired, Freshly will move them from your in-stock inventory to Expired inventory. Freshly performs this check and remove the inventory every day at 12 am in the UTC timezone. Once the batch has been marked as expired, Freshly will move these batches under the expired tab on your variant inventory page.

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