How to use Shopify transfers with Freshly

Currently, Shopify does not have support for a transfer API and hence Freshly does not support or recognize these as quantity updates. We are planning on supporting transfers in the future natively in Freshly (outside of Shopify). However, until then, we recommend following the steps below if you would like to use Transfers with Freshly:

1. When you receive the quantity in your warehouse / storage / non-fulfillment location, we would suggest not adding an inventory batch for this as this could get mixed up with your orders during auto-assignment if batches are not available in your fulfillment location.

2. When you transfer your batches from storage to a fulfillment location, Shopify should increment the quantities in your fulfillment location. Once you do this, you need to navigate to Apps under your Shopify store and access Freshly. Then click on Products tab and select the product for which the stock has arrived at fulfillment location and use the "Auto create" banner to auto-create the batch for the difference and add the details for the batch (expiry dates, invoices, etc.) as shown in below screenshot:

You can also add a new batch by unchecking the Adjust quantity in Shopify. You can find more details here.

3. This way you can still keep track of all customer data associated with your batches but not have to worry about batches being fulfilled from your storage location.

If you have any more questions about transfers, you can checkout these Shopify help articles:

Transfer Between Locations

Transfer From Suppliers

You can reach out to us at in case you have further questions about the steps listed in the above article.

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