Adjusting inventory quantities in Shopify when creating inventory batches

When adding or updating batches, by default, Freshly will increment or decrement the quantity adjusted on your inventory batches. However, this functionality can be disabled by unchecking the checkbox below the quantity field that says "Adjust quantity in Shopify".

If this checkbox is unchecked, any quantity changes made will not be adjusted in Shopify. This is a great way to sync or assign your existing inventory in Shopify to specific inventory batches.

The "Adjust quantity in Shopify" will only be used when creating or updating inventory batches. Deleting batches from Freshly will always decrement the quantity in Shopify.

If you'd like the "Adjust quantity in Shopify" to be unchecked by default, you can go to your Preferences and go to the Inventory section to unselect "Batch quantities added or adjusted on Freshly are reflected in Shopify." This may be useful if you adjust inventory through Shopify or other third-party apps. 

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