Bulk updating inventory with a CSV file in Shopify

Update the inventory tracking and policy in Shopify quickly and easily with a CSV file upload

If you just read the Setting up products and variants in Shopify and didn't like how tedious it was to set this up manually, you can easily bulk import/update your products and variants in a CSV file by following this guide. If you need general information on how to import products in Shopify, refer to this article: Importing products with a CSV file.

Setting inventory tracker to Shopify

When uploading the product CSV into Shopify, you want to make sure to set the Variant Inventory Tracker to Shopify. This will set the product or variant Track inventory attribute to checked in Shopify.

Setting up inventory policy to deny

To ensure that you are not selling products or variants when they run out of batches or inventory, you want to make sure that Continue selling when out of stock is not selected. You can do this in a CSV upload by setting Variant Inventory Policy to deny.