Creating discounted collections based on product expiry date

If you have batch discounts enabled in your preferences section on your online store, you can use the tagging feature to add tags to all of your Freshly discounted products. Using tags, your team can create collections and sections to market discounts for soon-to-expire products to your customers.

These tags will be added to products when the discount is applied and removed when the discount is no longer valid.

  1. To create a discounted collection, navigate to Collections and click on Create collection.
  2. Set a title for the collection.
  3. Scroll down the conditions and add the following conditions:
  4. The product tag is equal to the one you set in Freshly preferences under Batch discounts.
  5. Compare at price is not empty. This will ensure that even if the tag is still present. If there is no discount on the product, it will not get added to the collection.

    Now, you should be all set. You can navigate to the collection and click on view in the top right corner of the collection page to view the discounted collection on your online store.