Sell products by weight using variants and inventory batches

If you're receiving products in bulk, but sell them in pre-packaged weighted products, you may want to be able to track the sales of these products separately but associate them back to the same batch from which they came from. You can also use  

Here's an example. This shop receives hundreds of fresh mussels each week and sells them only in 2, 10, and 20 lbs. These are 3 product variants, however, they can all be associated back to the batch that the order was fulfilled from.

You will also need to use our sister app Simple Bundles to be able to sell the base product (e.g. Fresh mussels per lbs ) in 'bundles' sold at 2, 10, and 20 lbs. In my case, I have 1 base product from which I would track my batches and 1 product with 3 variants as my product 'bundles' as shown in the illustration below.


1) Create the base product in Shopify. In this case, I want to track my products by per lbs. Make sure that Track quantity is enabled. To make sure that this base product does not appear on your storefront, unselect all sales channels from the Sales channels and apps section.