How to Manually Set Expiry Dates for Shopify Products and Apply Discounts

If you are not using Freshly Inventory, you can still apply time-based discounts to your Shopify products. Here's how:

1. In Shopify settings, navigate to the Custom data section and click on Variants. Here, you will define the date metafield for the product variant.

2. Click on "Add definition" on the top right corner of the page.

3. Name the metafield "FC time-based discount date" and add a description. Set the namespace as "freshly" and the key as "expiry_date" or freshly.expiry_date in the field. Select the data type as "Date" and make sure to select "One value". Optionally, you can pin the definition so it displays at the top of the list in settings and on the product or product variant pages. 

3. Go to the product variant you want to apply the discount to, scroll down to the metafields section, and set the "FC time-based discount date" to the desired expiry date. This can be edited anytime manually.

4. Once the expiry date has been set, you can create a new time-based discount in Simple Discounts. Specify the discount percentage and choose the "days before/after" option.

5. If you choose "days before", the discount will be applied to the product before its expiry date. If you choose "days after", the discount will be applied to the product after its expiry date.

Please note, when not using Freshly Inventory, the expiry date will have to be manually set on each product variant. This can be done by a user or through the API.

By manually setting the expiry date and applying discounts, you can still take advantage of time-based promotions on your Shopify store. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact the Simple Discounts app support team.

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