Why is my Freshly batch inventory not aligned with my inventory in Shopify?

As the Freshly app currently builds on top of the existing inventory management in Shopify, we recommend making all inventory changes in Freshly inventory batches directly. If, however, your inventory seems to have gone out of sync in Freshly, this may be due to several reasons:

  1. When inventory batches were first added in Freshly, it's possible the Inventory was never synced. Always ensure when inventory is added to Freshly for the first time that inventory in Shopify is set to 0, or you can auto-create a batch to account for the inventory in Shopify and split it into multiple as needed. Always make sure the total Shopify inventory quantity is equal to the inventory batches quantity when adding new batches.
  2. A staff member could have made some inventory corrections/adjustments directly in Shopify. These changes are not synced with Freshly because Freshly would not be aware of which inventory batch to make this adjustment on.
  3. Third-party apps can also make changes to inventory depending on how your apps are configured to synchronize inventory.
  4. Sometimes, inventory can temporarily be misaligned while batches are being assigned to orders as they are coming in. This is usually temporary and should be fixed shortly within a minute as orders are created or updated in Shopify.


To find the root cause of the inventory not being synchronized between Shopify and Freshly, compare the product variant inventory history in Shopify to that of the product variant inventory history in Freshly

1. Track down the inventory history in Freshly back to where the adjustments shown in Freshly do not align with the ones shown in Shopify.

2. Once the date and time where the inventory history went out of sync has been located, navigate to the inventory history for the product in Shopify and see how the adjustment was made. This should reveal the root cause of how the inventory may have gotten out of sync and the necessary steps that can be taken to mitigate this in the future. 

Retrieving inventory history in Freshly

1. Navigate to the product variant that is currently being batch tracked

2. Click on View product inventory batch history

3. Now locate where the inventory may have gotten out of sync in Shopify

Retrieving inventory history in Shopify

1. Navigate to the product variant that is currently being batch tracked

2. Click on View product in Shopify

3. If applicable, click on the product variant in Shopify and then click on View inventory history.

4. Navigate to the date where you noticed the inventory went out of sync and then view which app or staff member may have adjusted this manually.

If you would like to request a list of all your product variants that may be out of sync, reach out to our team and we will export a CSV list of products with Shopify and Freshly inventory quantities, which can be used to investigate inventory sync issues, fix these and mitigate these in the future. 

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